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NV State Employee Purchase Program
Welcome Nevada State and County Employees!

Based on your buying power in aggregate, as one of thousands of Nevada State and County Employees, Carson Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram is able to offer you New Vehicle discounts not ordinarily offered to the general public.

On Previously Owned vehicles: All State/County employees shall receive an additional percentage discount on the purchase of any previously owned vehicle IN ADDITION to those discounts offered to the general public.

These prices apply to you or your immediate family members still living in the household.

State/County Employee pricing is NOT LISTED on carsondodge.com or carsoncityjeep.com websites and will be provided for you by our Sales Managers. Phone: 775-883-2020

Saving you TIME and MONEY is the cornerstone of our State Employee Vehicle Purchase Program.

90% of our in-stock inventory is listed on our website. The remaining 10% may include recently arrived units not processed into our system. At any given time there can upwards of one hundred new and used vehicles in process from the factory or as trade-ins. While not yet at the dealership or displayed for sale, these vehicles are still available for purchase. We encourage you to browse our website, review our inventory and then contact Tom with your questions and special pricing requests. Should you not have access to a computer or would rather have Tom search the inventory for you, please don't hesitate to call.

Thank you for your consideration.


Stephen H. Christian
General Manager
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