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You can search our service availability in real-time, 24 hours a day and immediately make confirmed reservation without picking up the phone.

Expert Technicians - We service vehicles like yours every day, so we know them inside and out. And we receive our technical information straight fom the source - the factory.

Specialized Technology - Our specialized diagnostic equipment can perform hundreds of tests in seconds, providing the information necessary to get your vehicle back on the road, fixed right, and fixed fast.

Competitive Prices - Dare to compare our service and parts pricing. Add in all the benefits of our full-service dealership - Expert Technicians, Specialized Technology, Authentic Mopar Parts - and we think you'll agree: it's best to Stick with the Specialists!

Service Advisors and Support Personnel
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John Mantkus
Service Advisor
Colleen Diaz
Service Advisor
Michael Kirchner
Service Advisor
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Maintaining the power and performance of your vehicle is what Mopar Parts is all about. Our Service Specialists use Mopar parts - the only parts designed and engineered by DaimlerChrysler for vehicles like yours.

Featured Services:
Lube, Oil and Filter Change
Dirty oil or a contaminated oil filter can increase engine wear, cause poor performance and, in extreme cases, cause engine failure. Be sure to change your oil and oil filter regularly, according to the maintenance schedule in your vehicle Owner's Manual.

Brake Pad or Shoe Replacement

Because brake pads and shoes wear gradually over time, you might not notice a subtle loss of braking ability. Always have your brakes checked and/or replaced according to the maintenance schedule in your vehicle Owner's Manual, or whenever you think they may be worn or not operating properly.
Carson Dodge
Carson Dodge

Amy Payne
Amy Payne
Warranty Admin.
Carson Dodge

Carson Dodge
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Carson Dodge
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Carson Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM knows you don't have time to shop around, or wait any longer than necessary for a special order. To keep you and your business moving, you'll find a good selection of hard working Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM cars and trucks in stock at Carson Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM.
Any individual or company becomes a registered Fleet Account by:
Purchasing and / or leasing five (5) or more vehicles (any make or model) during the current or preceding calendar year, current or preceding model year or preceding 12 month period. OR Currently operating 15 or more vehicles (owned or leased)
Joel Cryer
Fleet Manager
Competitive rates direct from the manufacturer and other lenders
Quick approvals
Value-added services to protect your investment
Extended warranty programs

We deal with many different financial institutions that are all ready to review your credit application for on the spot delivery. This makes dealing with Carson Dodge Chrysler easy, and we don’t just accept any approval. We shop around for you to make sure you are getting the best interest rates and payments available.
Robert Williams
Finance Manager
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